By Now....We're All the Same
After perusing reunion photos from many of my Facbook friends, one thing has become evidently clear, we're nearly all the same.
By the time you've reached the age of 40, most everyone has experienced unmeasurable joy and unmistakable heartache.
There isn't one of us that doesn't know what it feels like to have been given something we most certainly don't deserve, but are grateful for it daily.
Likewise, we are mindful of the things that just didn't go our way.
And that is why, when you see me at the reunion, I won't be handing out my business card to you.  If we had connected at the 10-year reunion, I could have.  It would have had director in the title and I could have shared all of the fancy schmancy projects I'd collaborated on and the ways that I was using my undergraduate and graduate degrees to change the world.
Instead, I think I'll just hand you a copy of my student loan bill and see if you can relate.  For the last six years, I've been a stay-at-home mother to my three munchkins.  And so, while my graduate degree is in Conflict Resolution, the only mediation I've been doing is that of my own internal conflict and that of my offspring.
I also won't be wearing a bathing suit.  That's because I have more stretch marks than should be fair to give out to any one given woman.  But hey, I'll bring my iPhone and show you pictures of my kids.  Sometimes, that helps with the sting.
I also won't tell you how every minute of married life is blissful and that each night we lie under the moon and stars thanking God for every single blessing we've been given.  Nope, we'll both laugh with you about the crazy ass shit that goes down when two people are just trying to make ends meet while not literally losing their shit in the process.
I can talk to you about cancer and the people that I've watched it ravage.  I can also talk to you about death and suicide, although, I understand if you want to keep the topics light.
By now, we've all seen it all. 
We're just people who once knew one another....and if you'd like to share a drink, a story, a memory, a hug, a smile and a "How you doin?" please come to the reunion.  It won't be the same without you.

This page is in honor of the classmates who left us too soon...
You wll be missed. 

Steve Kolvek

Carrie Howard

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